Residential Electrical FAQs

When you are doing home repair projects, sometimes it can be tempting just to hire a handyman or even to try to do the work yourself.


After all, there are always general purpose "helpers" out there who advertise on the Internet, who put up signs or who you might hear about through word of mouth. These handymen often offer to do work at relatively low prices and you may think that this is a great deal and a good idea.


In reality, however, when it comes to home improvement work, you generally get what you pay for. This means that if you want electrical work done right and done safely, you will need to hire a licensed electrician.


Do I need A Licensed Electrician in Illinois?


Why Do You Need a Licensed Electrician in Illinois? There are several reasons why you need a licensed electrician in Illinois which are obvious and others of which may not be immediately readily apparent but which are just as important. For example, a few of the reasons why you need a licensed electrician in Illinois include the following.

1. Only a licensed electrician can be insured and bonded. Insured means that the electrician is insured against potential injury he may experience on your property (i.e. he has worker's compensation insurance) and, in many cases, that the electrician is also insured against damage that he may cause to your home through the electrical work performed. Bonded means that the electrician has a surety bond, which is a special kind of insurance policy that protects you if the electrician doesn't do his job. 

2. Having a licensed, insured and bonded electrician protects you from potentially being sued by an unscrupulous individual who is working on your home, and protects you from any financial loss that might be caused by such an individual. An unlicensed person doing electrical work will be neither insured nor bonded in most cases, since he is not in compliance with the laws on licensing.

3. Only a licensed electrician can ensure code compliance in Illinois on certain types of installation and work that is performed on your home, the code requirements stipulate that a licensed electrician should perform the installation. Even when code does not require that the electrical work be performed by a licensed electrician, there are still provisions of both national and local electrical codes that need to be complied with. A licensed electrician will be in the best position to ensure that you comply with these legal requirements.

4. A licensed electrician help keep your family safe. Having electrical work that is done by an unlicensed professional is a sure recipe for disaster. Many things can go wrong with electrical wiring, ranging from shorts or overloaded circuits to more serious problems that can cause a fire in your home. You definitely do not want to take any risks with the safety of your family or the security of your property. As such, contacting only a licensed electrician is the smartest decision you can make to ensure you are making the safest choice.


What is included in the FREE Electrical Inspection?


Residential Residential Electric provides one free Electrical Home Safety Inspection with any paid service call or electrical service. During this inspection our technician will thoroughly inspect the electrical system in your home, checking for things such as proper grounding of your system, and also insuring that your homes electrical system is current and up to date with the safety requirements that current electrical codes require. Upon completion of the inspection, our technician will provide a detailed written report. This report will list any electrical issues that the technician found and also recommendations of any electrical issues that should be brought up to current code requirement.


What is included with the $59 Service Call?


The service call fee includes a brief diagnosis by one of our experienced technicians. After this preliminary diagnosis our technician will quote you a reasonable price on repairing the problem.


Once agreed upon the service call is waived and the price of the quoted repair is what you will pay. If you should not agree with the quoted repair, Residential Electrical Services will collect the $59 service call fee for travel expenses and our technicians time.



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